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Jan 27, 2008   Comments Off on Tad Hamilton Screencaps – Deleted Scenes Gallery update

I’ve added screencaps from six deleted scenes from Josh’s movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.

Jan 25, 2008   Comments Off on Rest In Peace, Heath Ledger Site Related

I just wanted to pay my respects to the life and memory of one of the most amazing young actors of this generation. I think everyone loved Heath Ledger – he was one of those actors who you couldn’t help but love. His performances were so varied and versatile, from his Oscar nominated Brokeback Mountain role to starring in teen hit 10 Things I Hate About You.As we all adjust to the shock news of his passing, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, particularly his daughter Matilda and former partner Michelle Williams.What makes the whole tragedy worse is that people will be discussing his private life and what he did and didn’t do for weeks to come. Everyone should focus on his life and not his death – what matters is that a very young person has been needlessly taken away from everyone who loved him.The good thing about actors and actresses is that even when we’ve lost them, they still live on in their films. He has some pretty amazing films as a legacy, including his role as the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight, which critics are saying was the best role he ever played. Instead of catapulting him to higher fame, it will be a lasting tribute.More importantly, he’ll live on through his beautiful daughter. Rest in Peace, Heath Ledger!

Jan 24, 2008   Comments Off on New Look for Josh-D Multimedia Update

Hey guys,The new look has arrived. Please bare with me while I code the rest of the pages to match the new layout.My co-web Hanna has also decided to concentrate all of her efforts onto for the meantime, so I will be keeping things up and running here.Thanks to my friend Hana for designing this layout, and to Dan for helping me with coding issues!

Jan 23, 2008   Comments Off on Josh to be a daddy? News and rumors

Fergie and her new fianc

Jan 19, 2008   Comments Off on Miley Cyrus Was Duhamel’s Plane Pest News and rumors

Pop star/actress Miley Cyrus enjoyed a little fun on a recent flight from Los Angeles to London when she realised she was sharing first class with Transformers hunk Josh Duhamel.The 15-year-old spent much of the journey texting the actor, who is engaged to marry singer Fergie, naughty, anonymous messages.The Hannah Montana star recalls, “He was on a plane with me to London and he was, like, really cool… We had those things where we could text back and forth on little screens, and I kept texting him.”I was, like, `Hey stud!’ He didn’t know which seat I was in,so I could tell him all these funny things (without being discovered).”He was like, `What the heck is going on?’ It was so awesome.”He didn’t text me back (because) it was rude.”

Jan 11, 2008   Comments Off on Wedding plans in the “preliminary stages” News and rumors

Josh Duhamel has his life in order

Jan 06, 2008   Comments Off on Gallery, Gallery, Gallery! Gallery update

I’ve added a new photoshoot still gallery, in shoot 004, and I think it is one of my favourite Josh pictures I’ve seen! I am also in the process of capping Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and the special features of the DVD, so check back for those soon!

Jan 05, 2008   Comments Off on The art of love News and rumors

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and her film star fiance Josh Duhamel frolicked on the beach during a romantic break in Mexico. The couple are currently on holiday in Mexico, but have refused to confirm exactly when they decided to get married. The lovebirds looked relaxed as Duhamel painted and Fergie acted as his assistant, bringing him fresh artist supplies. The 32-year-old pop star, real name Stacy Ferguson, fell for Duhamel after guest-starring on his TV show Las Vegas in September 2004. Before the couple met, Duhamel, 35, confessed to having naughty dreams about the singer in an interview with InStyle magazine. He said: “I can’t tell you what happens, but I can tell you it involves Fergie. I’ve got the biggest crush on her! God, is she hot.” The couple share a £2.5million home together in Los Angeles and Fergie recently described their life as “practically married”. Duhamel said: “It’s a big house. A girl like Fergie comes with stuff

Jan 01, 2008   Comments Off on Nice Josh Photoshoot and Affiliates Gallery update, Site Related

I’ve added this Corbis Outline photoshoot to the gallery which you can see above. I have also cleaned up the affiliates page so feel free to check that out and apply to be affiliated with us.Also, from myself and Hannah, Happy New Year. May 2008 be a good year for you!