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Feb 17, 2008   Comments Off on Superbowl weekend video Miscellaneous had the chance to interview Josh Duhamel while he was catching Ludacris perform during Super Bowl weekend. Thanks to Cheri, you can view the video here.

Feb 17, 2008   Comments Off on Photoshoots Gallery update

There are four new photoshoots albums in the gallery.Check them out!

Feb 13, 2008   Comments Off on TRL and MTV Movie Awards – More pictures Gallery update

I’ve updated the galleries for TRL and the MTV Movie Awards last year.

Feb 12, 2008   Comments Off on Grammy’s 2008 Gallery update

I’ve added three new albums with pictures of Josh accompanying the lovely Fergie to this year’s Grammy’s.

Feb 12, 2008   Comments Off on New Candids Gallery update

Thanks to Martin, I’ve added some candids of Josh from January 25th.”Actor Josh Duhamel goes for the construction worker look as he leaves a Santa Monica cafe after eating breakfast alone and reading a script.”

Feb 04, 2008   Comments Off on Transformers Trailer caps Gallery update

I’ve added 11 screencaps of Josh in the trailer for transformers to the gallery.I hope to add caps of the film and Tad Hamilton too soon, but I’ve add a few technical problems. Anyway, enjoy these for now!

Feb 03, 2008   Comments Off on 2007 Appearances Pictures Gallery update

I’ve added pictures of Josh at various 2007 appearances to the gallery:

Feb 02, 2008   Comments Off on Josh and Fergie: Sexiest Couple News and rumors

Victoria’s Secret has compiled its 2008 ‘What Is Sexy?’ list and Josh Duhamel and Fergie have been named sexiest couple.

Jan 28, 2008   Comments Off on Tad Hamilton Gag Reel Screencaps Gallery update

I’ve added more than 300 screencaps from the gag reel from Josh’s movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.