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Mar 28, 2008   Comments Off on Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Gallery update

I’ve been adding a few new photos to the gallery.The best way to see them all is to visit the last uploads page.

Mar 28, 2008   Comments Off on When In Rome News and rumors

Josh Duhamel and Jon Heder have joined the cast of “When in Rome,” a romantic comedy starring Kristen Bell.Anjelica Huston Dax Shepard and Will Arnett are also making the trip to “Rome.” Mark Steven Johnson is directing for Disney.Bell (“Veronica Mars”) plays a love-starved New York curator who steals magical coins from the Trevi Fountain in Rome but soon finds herself in a bizarre situation when she is pursued back to New York by a band of aggressive suitors whose coins she took.Duhamel (NBC’s “Las Vegas”) is the romantic lead. Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite”) will play a street magician and one of Bell’s suitors. Shepard (“The Comebacks”) will play an aspiring model. Arnett (“Blades of Glory”) will play one of the suitors, an Italian artist. Huston, coming off a stint on NBC’s “Medium,” will play Bell’s boss, the curator of the Guggenheim.The movie is scheduled to begin shooting in April.

Mar 28, 2008   Comments Off on Josh and Fergie’s dinner date News and rumors

They’ve been staying pretty quiet lately, but Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson and Josh Duhamel are still going strong. And they were spotted out for a date last night.The cute twosome was spotted on a dinner date at the celebrity-popular Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood, California doing their best to have a romantic evening despite the paparazzi presence.

Mar 25, 2008   Comments Off on New Look Multimedia Update

Thanks to my friend Desiree, Josh-D has a new layout.I loved the last layout by Hana, but I wanted something a big lighter for this version.Thanks also to Dan for coding this layout for me. It is much appreciated.

Mar 12, 2008   Comments Off on Fans hoping for Las Vegas Revival News and rumors

Avid TV fans are doing their best to re-viva Las Vegas. At least for one more episode.After receiving the disheartening news that NBC was not only cashing in its chips on the series after five seasons on air, but doing so after a season cum series finale that featured the biggest cliffhanger in the show’s history, fans began a creative campaign designed to convince the network execs to commission one more episode to give the show the resolution it deserves.As it happens, the final show, which aired on Feb. 15 and even featured a “to be continued…” tantalizer at its conclusion, ended with the pregnancy of Molly Sims and Josh Duhamel’s characters, Delinda and Danny, in jeopardy.It was intended to be the first of a two-part storyline

Mar 08, 2008   Comments Off on Summer wedding for Josh and Fergie? News and rumors

Fergie has revealed she’s started making plans for her wedding to Josh Duhamel and said she hopes it happens “soon”.The Black Eyed Peas star told USA Today recently: “I have a big stack of wedding magazines, and I’ve never picked one up before in my life.”The couple have yet to pin down a date or location for the nuptials but Fergie hinted that it may be a summer wedding: “I’ve been touring for a long time, and I want to go home this summer and spend time with my family and get in the studio and just take some time to think about everything.”The couple got engaged in December after three years of dating.

Feb 27, 2008   Comments Off on Allure Party Photos Gallery update

I’ve added 10 pictures of Josh attending an Allure party in honour of Fergie last year.

Feb 22, 2008   Comments Off on NBC cancels Las Vegas News and rumors

Looks like Las Vegas is cashing in its chips after five years on the air.Sources confirm that NBC has opted not to renew the show for a sixth season, which means the USA episode that aired last Friday was the series finale.NBC had hoped this season’s cast shake-up

Feb 22, 2008   Comments Off on Fergie and Josh not expecting – yet News and rumors

Fergie pregnant? Absolutely untrue, according to her rep