Josh Duhamel Fan
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1. Why can’t I login at the gallery?
When you register to the gallery, your account is active so, if you have problems to join there, it is because your browser doesn’t accept cookies.

2. Could you e-mail me a video or audio?
NO, I am sorry but I can’t. I have a life too, so I will try to upload all the videos and audios to the multimedia section.

3. Pop-up images aren’t full size (Gallery)
This is not an error! With the new version of Coppermine, they’ve added a script that reads the screen resolution of visitor and “full-size” photos are resized to best fit that resolution. This only happens via the pop-up window. If you right click on the photo and view properties, you will see that it says something like: 2,350px × 1,900px (scaled to 1,100px × 770px). This is done to allow a person with a slower connection or smaller monitor to see the full image instead of having to scroll. If the image is saved, it will save in its full original size.

4. I am looking for a special video or audio, could you e-mail me this?
NO, I am sorry. As I said, I have a life too. If this is an old video and you can’t find this here (multimedia section), you can email me and request the file and I will try my best to upload this here.

5. I only have dialup and the large files takes ages to download
I am sorry but I can’t help you.

6. I have downloaded the file but it doesn’t work
You must unzip all the files at the Multimedia Zone because all the files are zipped so, if you haven’t this program, you must download this. Anyway, if you did that and the video doesn’t work, maybe you need a special program to see this or update your programs. If you still have problem, email me.

7. Is this Josh Duhamel Official Website?
No, this is just a fan site dedicated to Josh for the fans.

8. Are you Josh?
No, I am just a fan.

9. Are you affiliated with him in anyway?
No, I wish.

10. Do you know Josh Duhamel or have you ever met him?
Yes, I have met him sometimes but just like a fan, I don’t know him personally.

11. Does Josh come to this site?
I really don’t know but I wish.

12. Can I use your pictures for my site?
It depends. I made all the captures myself so, if you want to use them, you must ask me first. Also, almost all the pictures are bought by me so, please, if you want to use whatever just ask me.

13. Can I use the content of your site?
It depends. You can use the news… but please, if you take any photo, video or whatever, give me credits.