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Positive traits—Practical – Mystical – Self-confident – Loyal – Leader – Adventurous – Complex.

Negative traits—Repressed – Lonely – Arrogant – Possessive.

Relationships—Loners to some extent, although they need a partner who will be the focus of their life, very loyal in relationships, but can also be very possessive. they need a partner who is happy to be led and to leave major decisions to them. They make very good but rather repressive parents, who have difficulty in letting go.

Career—Scorpio are very ambitious, and very good at making money, they can often be found at the top of large company’s Although good at making and keeping money they are also very generous, and give readily to good causes.

Leisure—Swimming is especially beneficial to Scorpio, and many of them are drawn to the discipline of Martial Arts. not only for the element of exercise but also for the philosophy.

Colour – Maroon

Animal Totem – Scorpion

Flower – Rhododendron

Gemstone – Opal

Image – Sexy

Food—Scorpios have large appetites, for food as well as life, they can eat almost anything and usually do! They should watch the waistline with age. They are particularly fond of lobster.