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Jun 10, 2011   Comments Off on ‘Transformers’ star Josh Duhamel focuses on health for his on- and off-screen lives News and rumors

If there’s a pressure to looking good in Hollywood, Josh Duhamel isn’t feeling it. Sure, the Transformers: Dark of the Moon star and husband to pop star Fergie tried to get big and buff for roles early in his career. But nowadays, at the age of 38, his priorities are a little different. “My pressure is the work itself. I don’t really care about [that], unless there’s something specific I have to be in shape for,” says Duhamel, who plays Lt. Col. William Lennox, the military man and Autobots’ pal in director Michael Bay‘s Transformers movies. (The third movie comes out in theaters June 29.) “It isn’t about looking good – it’s about doing good work for me.” I interviewed Duhamel for a cover story on this weekend’s men’s health issue, but read below for more of what he had to say about his health, life at home and a third time sharing screen time with giant transforming robots.

How are your workouts and activities different than when you were younger?
It’s mostly just about staying flexible, staying strong and athletic, and keeping my strength, and that involves running hills, running steps, doing a lot of stretching. I still do some weight work but a lot of it has to do with keeping my joints and muscles strong rather than just trying to get buffed. More isometric stuff, lots of jumping and running. I’ve actually been doing a lot of sprint work lately — I’ll sprint for a minute then I’ll walk for a minute. I’ll do that for 20 or 30 minutes. It keeps me running rather than just jogging on a treadmill.

Do you try to eat healthy on a regular basis? Is that a large part of you and Fergie’s home life?

For me, it’s mostly about moderation. I do eat fairly healthy. I’ll eat pizza and burgers and stuff all the time — I just don’t eat it every day. I like to eat everything in moderation. I never want to be a slave to myself because I’m so hardcore that I don’t ever get to enjoy food. We both love food and we both love to make it as good but as healthy as possible.

If you guys splurge, what do you usually splurge on?
Usually pizza. I make a really good lasagna. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

You played football in college, and then got into modeling. Did that get you obsessed about fitness and create habits either good or bad?
I didn’t really model for very long. I didn’t really work very often, so it’s hard for me to even say that I did it because I didn’t really make any money doing it. [Laughs] I guess, yeah, you have to be conscious of all that. I think I had the idea that I was going to make more money doing it, but I never really did. The idea was always to get into acting. I would always go pester the agents at the agency I was at to get them to send me in to do commercial auditions. “I’m sorry you have to be an actor to do that.” “Well, I’m taking classes and I’m doing this and doing that!” Little did they know that I was actually serious about it. I think they wanted to assume that I was a guy who was just modeling. This was what I always wanted to do.

You play a lot of golf. Do you walk or ride in a cart?
I do walk. I walk probably 75 percent of the time. It’s great because we go play early mornings at the course I’m a member at, at like 6:30 in the morning, and it’s a great way to start the day. It’s a good 6-mile walk with a bag strapped to your back. I figure if I’m going to be spending four hours doing it, I might as well get something out of it besides just the thrill of winning some money off of Samuel L. Jackson. He’s usually out there in the morning. We usually have a pretty competitive, heated game.

Who wins usually?
Sam’s cagey, man. He’s tough to beat. When you think you’ve got him down, he’ll make a long putt or he’ll stick a shot close where you’re like, “I was hitting them in the middle of the fairway 50 yards in front of you!” He’s a tough golfer.

Do you feel your the age of your body more now than you did five years ago?
Well, yeah. I was 33 then and now I’m 38! You start to feel it a little bit more. Again, this is why I’m probably more conscious of eating right and staying healthy now. I’m actually in better shape now than I was at 33 because I’ve made a conscious effort to not be lazy. I always feel better about it, too. I’ve never said, “I wish I wouldn’t have worked out today.” It’s just a matter of getting my ass in there to do it. Overall I feel stronger and more flexible than I did five years ago.

Have you ever had to change your body or do something hard physically for a role?
Not really. When I did Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! years ago, they wanted me to be in really good shape for that, just because he was this Hollywood movie star. They wanted him to look like he was The Rock or something. I tried to be as in good shape as I could for that, but that was probably the only time. Then there’s the Transformers movies that aren’t about looking so in shape — it’s about being strong. You have to have a lot of endurance because these movies take a pounding. You’re running with a 40-pound gun and all your gear and you’re doing take after take after take of running up these streets and bombs going off and everything. It takes a toll on your body.

Is your role bigger or smaller this time around in the new Transformers movie?
I think it’s about the same. These movies were never about me – they’re about the Autobots, the Decepticons and Shia [LaBeouf]. I always knew that and I’m totally fine with it. My job in these movies is to lead this military team as realistically and as convincingly as I can. My goal when I do these is to learn what I can from the guys around me — the actual military, Navy Seals and the Rangers. I just try to make them proud and do the best justice I can to the military.

You and Tyrese Gibson always have cool scenes in the films.
There’s always some fun stuff to do in these Transformers movies, don’t get me wrong. That’s why I love doing them. There isn’t the pressure of being the lead, but you get to have fun. You get to run around with a gun, you get to do all kinds of heroic [stuff] that makes you look cool, even if we’re not. [Laughs] For that reason, you know Michael is going to make you look cool. Sometimes I think he has a really hard time doing it just because we don’t give him a lot to work with, but he manages to do it.

In this upcoming one, do you have a favorite action sequence?
There was one where Shia and I are attached. He’s got this glove that was given to him by the Autobots that has the technology that they have. He gets it stuck onto one of the Decepticons trying to blow it up, and I come around and see him stuck to it. I come over to try and free him from it, and we end up getting yanked all over the place. I just remember shooting it was insane because Kenny Bates, the stunt coordinator, invented this apparatus with a wench that yanks you straight up into the air – like 50 to 75 feet – and you’re hanging for a second and it sends you back down before yanking you back up again. It’s about as close to flying as you can get. I remember Shia and I had to convince Michael to let us do it, because there were just gonna put the stunt guys on it. We said, “Come on, we can do this!” And then about five minutes after the first time we did it, I was like, “Why the hell did we want to do this again?” You’re standing there on the ground, and then one second later you’re 75 feet up in the air. There’s nothing around you — you’re just held on by a little wench on the front of your vest. [Source]

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