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Jun 10, 2011   Comments Off on Josh Duhamel: ‘I want to stay as young as I can’ News and rumors

Actor Josh Duhamel and his pop star wife, Fergie, apparently share everything, including their personal trainer.

And not by choice, Duhamel tells us.

“One day she comes down to the gym and she’s like, ‘So how do I get rid of this back here?’” says Duhamel, 38. “The next thing I know, she is working out with [my trainer] every day — and now she takes him with her whenever she’s gone. So I don’t have a trainer.”

To make matters worse, he adds, he sloughs off when left home alone. “When she’s been gone for a week, I’ve been pretty bad about it,” he says of working out solo. “I did a 15-minute workout today that was worthless. We definitely push each other.”

But the hunky star of the blockbuster Transformers series manages. (The third film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, opens June 29.) When both are at their L.A. home, the A-list couple like to work out together, either outdoors or in their home gym. 

Duhamel also can fall back on a lifetime of fitness know-how. After all, he was raised in North Dakota by a P.E. teacher mom, ran track, played basketball and baseball, and then was backup quarterback at Minot State University.

“You only have one body,” the actor says. “I want to stay as young and athletic as I can for as long as I can.”

Duhamel’s routine includes weight training and hiking on a trail he carved out in the hillside behind his house.

Duhamel opts to have a leaner physique than his blockbuster movie competitors (did you see Thor?!) when fighting evil giant transforming robots. He tried to get big once for his first film role, 2004’s Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!, but “that was just never going to happen. I’m too tall and gangly,” says the 6-foot-3 actor, laughing.   [Source]

Cover and cover story photographs: Blake Little for USA WEEKEND. Grooming: Natalia Bruschi, Wall Group; wardrobe: Samantha McMillen,
Wall Group. Cover: T-shirt from Filthmart LA; RRL by Ralph Lauren jeans. Inside: T-shirt from Filthmart LA; PRPS jeans; boots from Stock NYC

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