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Jun 08, 2011   Comments Off on Josh Duhamel Honoured For Charity Work News and rumors

Actor Josh Duhamel has been honoured for his fundraising efforts by officials from the American Red Cross.

The star has been a longtime supporter of the organisation and recently staged a charity run in California to help the clean-up operation in Japan, following the country’s earthquake and tsunami disaster in March (11).

Duhamel was the guest of honour at the Red Cross Red Tie Affair in Santa Monica, California on 21 May (11) and he was awarded the special Crystal Cross prize.

He tells, “I had never been honoured in that kind of way. I was like, ‘Really? You’re going to give me an award? OK, I’ll be there!'”

The actor admits he felt compelled to stage the run to benefit the Red Cross’ aid efforts in Japan because of his wife Fergie’s association with the earthquake-ravaged country. He adds, “I had this need to want to do something, actively do something – rather than just go to an event. I wanted to feel like I was actually contributing something physically.

“The Black Eyed Peas have a very close relationship with Japan. They go there quite often. They were shooting a video just four days before the earthquake and tsunami struck there. So Fergie was really upset by the news.

“(Fergie) loved the idea that I was sort of spearheading this thing, that I was taking the initiative to do it – because I’ve never really organised anything like it before. So she was able to come out for the Japan run that we did on her birthday – it was a great way to celebrate and we had a blast.” [Source]

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