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Jan 05, 2008   Comments Off on The art of love News and rumors

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and her film star fiance Josh Duhamel frolicked on the beach during a romantic break in Mexico. The couple are currently on holiday in Mexico, but have refused to confirm exactly when they decided to get married. The lovebirds looked relaxed as Duhamel painted and Fergie acted as his assistant, bringing him fresh artist supplies. The 32-year-old pop star, real name Stacy Ferguson, fell for Duhamel after guest-starring on his TV show Las Vegas in September 2004. Before the couple met, Duhamel, 35, confessed to having naughty dreams about the singer in an interview with InStyle magazine. He said: “I can’t tell you what happens, but I can tell you it involves Fergie. I’ve got the biggest crush on her! God, is she hot.” The couple share a £2.5million home together in Los Angeles and Fergie recently described their life as “practically married”. Duhamel said: “It’s a big house. A girl like Fergie comes with stuff

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