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Apr 16, 2018   1 Comment Site Related

Well, I was thinking about posting this or not but I think it is better that all the visitors know about this situation.

This is not easy for me and I am still thinking about this so, it is not sure and I really don’t know what to do. Life is not being easy for me since some months ago. I really love this site and I still enjoy updating this and sharing stuff with all the fans but, I am unemployed and maintain this site is so expensive, trying to get all the stuff, renew domain….so, I can’t with this. It is to difficult and I really don’t know what to do. For this, I would like to know yout thoughts and suggestions. Please, feel free to comment here or email me to know more info.

So sad….

One Response to “Thinking on close this site”

This is unfortunate but I understand. I’m not sure how much domains cost but have you thought about getting a partner to help you out on this site? Just a thought. I would be sad to see this fansite go since you’ve had it for so LONG and josh is awesome too! It’s your decision ultimately so do what’s best for you.

April 17, 18 • 6:07 am
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