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Feb 26, 2018   1 Comment Site Related

Hello there, I am lokking for some opinions. For some days, I have been thinking on make this site paparazzi free, this means, I am not going to add candids photos of Josh, just paparazzi photos related to Josh’s work, such as on-set photos and promotional related (arriving or leaving TV Shows…). But I am not sure and wanted to ask you that are visiting the site often.

So, please, feel free to contact me with your opinions or comment here. Thanks for your suggestions.

One Response to “Josh Duhamel Fan: Looking for some opinions”

Please keep adding candids too, Josh is so hot and I’ve always ENJOYED visiting this site because of the candids but I understand if you want to stop, it will suck though 🙁

February 27, 18 • 7:43 am
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