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Aug 22, 2015   Comments Off on Josh Duhamel shoots tourism commercial in downtown Fargo Alerts, News and rumors, Projects

Downtown Fargo and the Fargo Theatre were the backdrop Sunday for a film shoot featuring movie star and Minot, N.D., native Josh Duhamel.

Rocking a crisp white shirt and dark suit and tie, Duhamel walked through a medley of settings showcasing what North Dakota has to offer, including fine dining, world-class sports teams and the actual wood chipper from the cult movie hit “Fargo.”

“Something new and fun around every corner,” Duhamel said as he delivered his lines that are part of the latest creative campaign for North Dakota tourism.

Print, TV and multimedia spots based on Sunday’s shoot and other production efforts will begin running early in 2016.

“The whole shoot is a week long,” said Sara Otte Coleman, North Dakota’s tourism director.

She added the shoot will wrap up about Wednesday.

As a major part of the campaign, Duhamel has been filmed in a number of locations around the state, according to Otte Coleman, who added it’s not the actor’s first involvement with North Dakota tourism.

He provided voice-over work for TV spots that began running in 2014 and continue to air this year, she said.

Though Sunday’s shoot required blocking off about a block of Broadway, the traffic downtown, both foot and vehicle, was light, making for a relatively trouble-free evening of filming.

During breaks, Duhamel chatted with other actors and acknowledged onlookers with waves and smiles.

While everyone else was watching Duhamel, Eric Watson, who operates restaurants in Moorhead and Fargo, had his attention locked on an actor who was tasked with placing on a table two elegant dishes that Watson had prepared for the shoot.

To Watson’s relief, the plates always made it to their intended target without incident.

While it was clear from Sunday’s filming that Fargo will play a role in the latest tourism push, Otte Coleman said the overall theme of the campaign is still being defined.

“So, stay tuned to see how all of that comes together,” she said. [Source]

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