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Apr 16, 18   1 Comment Site Related

Well, I was thinking about posting this or not but I think it is better that all the visitors know about this situation. This is not easy for me and I am still thinking about this so, it is not sure and I really don’t know what to do. Life is not being easy for […]

Feb 26, 18   1 Comment Site Related

Hello there, I am lokking for some opinions. For some days, I have been thinking on make this site paparazzi free, this means, I am not going to add candids photos of Josh, just paparazzi photos related to Josh’s work, such as on-set photos and promotional related (arriving or leaving TV Shows…). But I am […]

Nov 14, 17   0 Comment Site Related

Hello there!! Just a small update to et you know some changes here. After thinking a lot on this, I am going to make some changes here and the most important now is, we are going to have a new domain , please, save this one because soon it is going to be the […]

Mar 27, 17   1 Comment Site Related

It has been awhile with the same layout so, it was time to change this and get a new version here at Josh Duhamel Fan. What do you think? I really love the new style and header. If you find any errors or you have suggestions, please, let me know. I am going to do […]

Dec 24, 16   1 Comment Site Related

Hello! Just a small message to wish you all Happy Holidays!! This year wasn’t good to me. I am sick and unemployed and making fansites was like a therapy for me. Thanks to all the fans that I am knowing and thanks to all the visitors. You all made me happy. I am going to […]

Nov 29, 16   0 Comment Site Related

I am so happy today. A visitor of this site has donated a new domain So, you can save this new url if you want. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you can now reach the site through either or And, you know, we are trying to make this […]

Jun 25, 16   0 Comment Site Related

Now, more than ever, I need your help to keep this site online. The past days are going hard for fansites world…Some sites are closing, not updating or thinking on close. Now, it is so difficult to get stuff for fansites and most times, you have to pay a lot. Simply, I can’t do it […]

Apr 29, 16   0 Comment Site Related

Hello! Thanks to my brother, I found someone that is selling some great stuff for a lot of celebrities. This person is selling some great stuff of Josh Duhamel. I would like to get this to share here with you all but, it is too much money, if you want to help me to do […]

Jan 02, 16   0 Comment Site Related

Hello there! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! 2016 will be a great year for this site. As always, I plan to bring you the best exclusives possible. This website will always feature the latest and most up-to-date gallery and I continue to work to bring you the best possible […]